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Mar 29, 2021
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we had leak detection last year and he said no leak in return and pressure line and pump but the leak may be in main drain. we did replaster with new tile, light and and main drain cover after we did leak detection. But we still loosing water 1 inch per day. I also did several leak test and it showed no leak in return , pressure and pump. New plaster, new light ... so no leak there.
As I said We are loosing water 1 inch per day until it reach 6 inch down from tile then it stop there. Pump is still running. I cut the vacuums hose and insert one end to the pool and another to the skimmer hole where water goes to pump. so pump is running even water level is down from skimmer level.
I just wonder where the leak could be.. could it be skimmer where the Equalizer and skimmer connect .
The leak can not be just from skimmer because I am loosing water after it down from skimmer and also I put putty around the opening of skimmer and in the bottom of skimmer . Putty did not stop leak at all.
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Jul 3, 2013
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The leak is at the level where the water stops going down, really just barely above it.. What is at that level? a light?
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