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Nov 5, 2009
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Completed the 24 hour tests with both pump running, and turned off, both leaked about 2 1/2" over 24 hours. Bought plugs for all of the jets, plugged them up and same thing after 24 hours.

I went around the pool using food coloring, the skimmer, pool light, jets (and around the pool itself) and it just sat stagnant without any visible draw anywhere.

My last thought it is it has to be at the bottom drain, maybe the hydrostatic relief valve or something.

Without hiring a diver to go down there, is there anything you guys can recommend regarding this? Unfortunately my pool is about 8ft deep so it's not that easy of a task, just wondering if anybody has any other tips or tricks i haven't tried yet.

Also one thing to note, my pool is pebbeltek so if there is a crack somewhere, i definitely am unable to see it at all


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You would have to make a few dips down there. :snorkle: Remove the drain cover first, then try carefully, without generating too much water movement, squirt dye around the drain area and hydrostatic valve.

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