Pool leak between pipe and concrete


New member
Feb 21, 2017
Round Rock
I had a pool leak company do a leak test, they found a few minor leaks, and apparently a busted pipe in the skimmer.. Problem is my pool has been draining to the bottom, and none of these leaks seemed to be the culprit. Waiting for them to come back for repairs, I decided to give the ink a go myself. Low and behold, I found a hole between the pipe and the concrete. The cavity beneath it seems to be pretty big, I was able to stick the syringe of the pool dye at least 5 inches before it hit anything. I have some pool putty, but don't know if that is the right thing to do... Is this something I can fix myself? Does the pool need to be drained? At this rate I'm going to lose the rest of the water, (not to mention expensive chemicals I dropped to balance it since I refilled it a few weeks ago). And the worst part is, the pool leak company that gives free leak detection if you pay for repairs won't answer or even call me back!!

Advice is appreciated!


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