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Jun 20, 2016
I can't get my pool ladder out from the holes. I You Tubed how to get it out, but have not had any luck. Does anyone have any ideas? I tried to knock the wedge down to loosen it up but now it seems I can't screw the old bolts back in. Definitely need some help.
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Jun 16, 2019
Try a rubber mallet under the arch hitting upward. It probably needs more love than that. I strap a 2x4 (tight) under both rails and hit it with a sledge. Let the 2x4 take the dents instead of the rails but make sure to tap directly under the rail and not the overhang of the plank.
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May 30, 2018
I would try putting bolt back in place just a few threads and lightly tap it down. There’s a wedge that when tightening it pulls up to hold ladder or handrail in place. I suspect this wedge is really wedged in there and needs to break loose.
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