Pool ladder scratching liner


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Aug 6, 2018
Hi all,

I have a ladder in our shallow end and today I noticed that it appears to be scratching our 1 year old liner. I noticed some white marks. The ladder does have end caps on them. It is a bit rough where the white marks are. I can't tell if the liner is being worn away or if it is just part of the end cap that has rubbed off and is stuck on there. I would assume since it is not able to be brushed off that it is the liner being scratched. I went ahead and purchased new end caps. Is this normal and happen to anyone else?


On a similar note. At the bottom, just below the ladder, I noticed this line. I'm not sure what it is from. The ladder does not touch the bottom of the pool. No one would have been wearing shoes or anything that would have caused this worn out area.



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Jul 10, 2012
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For under the ladder you can get a bath mat to put there. Just make sure to take it out once a week to clean it and under it. As for that other area someone may have stepped on a toy or stick or such and caused that.


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Nov 22, 2010
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My old ladder did the same thing. You may want to replace the rubber pads with new ones. Also, when putting the ladder back, make sure there isn’t a lot of play when you slide it back into the pool deck and tighten the screws. At one point, mine were not quite tight enough and the play allowed the ladder to bend with heavier bathers which causes the rubber pads to rub down on the liner.