Pool Krete Bottom - What is Acceptable?


Apr 12, 2010
Just finished filling up the pool and got in it for the first time. The entire bottom was done using pool krete and the vinyl liner was dropped in the next day. The floor is definately not without some divots here and there but I am curious to hear from others on just what is acceptable and what is not? Just how smooth should the bottom actually be? There are a couple of rough spots that feel like sand under your feet but not too bad and one spot on the hopper wall that it feels like the pool krete cracked as it sticks out 1/4 inch for about a 5ft long line mid way up the wall (only noticed because dirt had formed on it). The PB is very reputable and has been great so far, but said the bottoms will never be perfect (has been installing for 30 years and no complaints from anyone of his past installs from the people I spoke with). Would like any feedback you can offer.


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Jul 9, 2009
Shawnee, Kansas
I have a pool krete bottom and I do have a couple of spots where things are not perfectly flat. I have one ridge along one of the hopper walls where it meets the floor, and a couple divets here and there. They do tend to be the spots where dirt will accumulate, but nothing I cannot live with. I am not aware of any sandy patches in mine. One thing I can tell you to watch out for is that by definition Pool Krete is 'dentable' so be careful when using brooms, etc as they can cause new divets, but especially watch out for toes, heels, etc because if you step just so, it will put a divet in as well. As I recall, my PB said it had a 90lbs/sq inch strength, which makes it fairly maliable.

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