Pool is still Cloudy


Jul 22, 2007
Hi all

I have some numbers on my pool . Still in need of help. Tonight we got in the pool for a little while regardless of how cloudy the water is. I checked on the bottom for those brown streaks they are not gridi so that would leave me to believe its mustard algae. I checked the numbers before I added the Bleach 182 oz almost a gal and a 1/2 . I know you guys need more numbers but I just have the walmart special kit I hope to be armed with the better test kit for next season. Thanks in advance.

Aqua leader 10.4K ,Sand Filter , 1.5 hp pump motor . vinyl lining.

FC = 5
bromine = 10
Alki= 90
PH = 7.2-7.4
TH = 50 irrelevant pool has a vinyl lining

Help help help I only have until sat before I shut the pump off until i get back in about 5 weeks.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Regardless of how sparkling you may get your pool, I strongly doubt you will have much success with an uncirculated pool for five weeks. If you have no way to keep chlorine in your pool for that long, I believe you will most likely return to a green swamp.

I think you are in a dilemma and may need to simply let your pool go and try to clean it up when you return. Pool water simply cannot withstand the onslaught of algae for that length of time without circulation and chlorine.


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Apr 4, 2007
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As Dave said, with warm water, after 5 weeks without circulation, the pool is going to be green no matter what you do now.