Pool is little green and cloudy


May 5, 2017
Avon park, fl
I am a new pool owner. I have read a lot and watched a ton of how to videos and I have been given advice by Pinch a Penny. Nothing is working. My pool has been at above 9ppm chlorine since last week. I have added two gallons of muriatic acid over the last two weeks based on my cheap home test kit and pinch a penny's advice. Yesterday this was the test results from Pinch a Penny:
TC: *ppm
FC: 9.0ppm
CC: *ppm
ph: 7.6
Acid demand: *
Base demand: *
Total alkalinity: 90 ppm
Calcium hardness: 150ppm
stabilizer: 40ppm
total dissolved solids: 5,000ppm

Pinch a penny said to add 5 gallons of liquid chlorine yesterday and we did. It is still cloudy green this morning.

Please help! Any advice is appreciated!


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP Heather,

The bad news is that it won't fix overnight when it goes Green, nor will it just following their advice to shock it a little with Bleach/liquid Chlorine. You have to get the Free chlorine up, and keep it up there until the pool clears. It takes a little while sometimes. Bleach is fine to use, you just have to use it correctly and consistently.

You also need your own kit to test the water on your own. If you will do that, and learn a little about the basics you can do it. There will be many here to answer any question you have. I hope you'll do that and let us help you fix the mess, and show how to never have it again. Good luck, and enjoy the forum.


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Sep 24, 2014
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Thank you:D
Just keep in mind, bleach and liquid chlorine are the same thing. The common advice on this site is to use bleach, because in most areas of the country bleach is easier to find and often cheaper. However, FL is not most areas of the country, and often times liquid chlorine from the pool store is both stronger and cheaper than bleach.

5 gallons of chlorine in your 16k pool is enough to raise FC to 30, but you need to be able to accurately measure and maintain FC at shock level until the water clears. What are you using to test your water?

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May 5, 2017
Avon park, fl
Right now the only test kit I have is the simple oto & ph tester. I am getting an interesting test result though. After about a minute or so the test seems to separate or something from the water and there is some type of red in the test results.20170506_085107.jpg


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May 14, 2015
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I've seen that! It basically means that your FC level is beyond what your simple tester can handle. That's the reason for our recommended test kits. They are designed to be able to handle the SLAM level FC needed to clean up a green pool.


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Jan 17, 2012
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I would suggest ordering the TF-100 test kit from TFTestkits.net It ships out of NC so you should get it pretty fast. I'd also consider ordering the XL version of reagents since you are dealing with an ill pool. And the speed stir device makes testing ever so quick.

Also, its helpful to keep a log of your results, along with the time of day of test and what you add. It may show you a trend and its just a good habit to get into when you're learning how to care for a pool.

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Apr 1, 2007
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