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Aug 13, 2010
Hi guys and gals ! i am located in cairo, egypt and this is our first pool. Weather is like in Arizona and so i opted to buy a heatpump for winter use. After lurking on several forums i contacted a company called Poolheatpumps two weeks ago. To my extreme surprise, as i was driving back from my clinic i received a call from the President of the company. I parked and commenced a 15 minute long-distance conversation with Kevin Haagen who answered all my questions and more. All of this based on a simple inquiry from someone 6000 miles away !
Suffice to say that i opted to buy from them. And then the fun started....
First, the unit i wanted was a 4.5HP . Kevin sent back that it was being phased out soon and i would be better off with the 5HP still in production. AND at the SAME PRICE and higher BTUs !
Second, they quoted me for the analog unit as i requested since it would be less things to go wrong over here. Well, today i got an email saying: I just got a call from the factory and they are out of C5HP 50 hertz compressors. It will be 8 weeks before that compressor will be available. So, I hope you do not mind, but we are going upgrade and send you a Z575HP in 50 Hz for the same price. So you will be getting a digital heater instead of the analog and slightly more BTUs.

BTW, The new unit is $400 more expensive and i am not paying any difference! I am truly impressed by the level of honesty and dedication and EXCELLENT customer service shown by this company.

This is just a comment from a satisfied customer!

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Jul 8, 2009
NE Ohio
We purchased our heat pump from them as well and have been very satisfied with the product and with their level of service. Really gets right to the heart of things and makes it right for the customer. Haven't had anything go wrong, but the purchase was great. Looking forward to many happy years of use from my heat pump.
Another satisfied customer of poolheatpumps.com


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
We also purchased a heat pump from them. I spent many hrs with Kevin and was very impressed with his knowledge. We love our heat pump :cheers: :cheers:


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Sep 29, 2013
I did not have a good experience with Poolheatpumps.com
I ordered a heating unit for a pool in the Outer Banks. The unit's control panel broke down within months. Poolheatpumps.com said the company went bankrupt and therefore the warranty was no good. They sold me a replacement control panel that with installation cost me about $1000, and that didn't work either. They did not stand by the product they sold, or the supposed fix they sold me. I am out about $4000 which they have not made any amends on.
In my experience, this is a terrible company.