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Nov 30, 2020
henderson nevada
hi, i have purchase a home in NV, with an in ground pool with spa. i am new to pools. it is estimated between 8 to 10k gallons. the pool heater is toast. a local pool shop is pushing a jacuzzi brand lonox 266k btu heater. the hayward h series at 250k btu is less expensive and the 400k h series is only 150$ more than the jacuzzi brand. i am on a budget. any info or opinion, experience, is welcome. please advise. thank you


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Jul 21, 2013
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The 250K heater will raise your 10K pool 2.5 degrees/hour. The 400K will raise it by 4 degrees/hour. You can decide if the heating difference is worth the extra money.

I would get the Hayward H-series heater over the Jacuzzi provided you have a Hayward dealer who can repair the heater when necessary. The Jacuzzi heater is made by someone else and has the Jacuzzi name put on it. You need to figure out who will repair it and where you will get parts when necessary.

Raypak heaters are also good.