Pool heater..... should i?? Update and much thanks

south jersey

Feb 27, 2017
new jersey
Well my brains are a bit fried after mulling this over the past few days. Pool pump.. no pool heater.. solar cover.. gas heater.. Thank you everyone for your opinions and responses!!! Conclusion. I put a deposit down on an Aqua Heat Ls pool heat and cool pump yesterday. A sales rep from a local pool store came out to my house in October and quoted me a price for the unit and installation. I spoke with him again yesterday and pulled the trigger so to speak. My wife wants it as well. At first i could find very little info about the company and the product on line. So for more assurance i called the company, after all its not a small amount of money we are talking about.

I was pleased with what i heard. The company is in Connecticut. All units are made by hand and not assembly line made . And i fell good that they are made here in the good ol USA. Quality control is key and I could tell from my first contact that customer service is high priority with the company. They gave me the number to an installer , technician. He was extremely helpful and forthright and dare I say ... He seemed HONEST . The unit is designed to work at temperatures of 40 degrees and above. The unit also can Cool the water down esp. in late july and august when water temps can go above 90. Planning on opening mid may and running til mid october. The rep from the pool store said I would have no problem maintaining a warm temp. The technician said yes... But as I was told by many of you on the forum.... I must get a solar cover!! Didn't want to because it seems like a hassle. I'm not gonna get much help from my girls and my wife will help or try to. Thanks pooldv I like the idea of cutting it maybe even in three places. Should be easier to handle. Thanks again for all of you nice folks input. I hope i will be happy with the unit. I will keep posted.
Just wanted to put it to bed!!!

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