Pool heater question from a complete newbie


Apr 19, 2021
Mid Missouri
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Intex Krystal Clear
We are planning on the intex ultra xtr, 18 x 9. We have a 12 by 12 level concrete slab and adding another one next week. I have a few questions. First, I plan to order straight from intex. Does anybody know about how long they take to deliver? I am nervous to order before the concrete goes in (in case there are problems.) Second, I have a gas line (for my grill), but it is only a 1/2 inch line and the plumber says I can only have about 80k btu because of how far it is from the main line. This rules out most big pools, but based on my math, I only need a 50k btu heater. The pool only holds 4500 gallons. I can't find an actual pool heater that small, but I did find a Camplux residential natural gas heater that is 68K btu. Would this work? Any advice appreciated. We are located in mid missouri and the pool will be fairly shaded from trees.
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