Pool Heater Cost Calculator Link


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
A lot of people post on TFP to try to estimate potential heating cost. This link is too good not to share!

IME, pretty accurate calculations on heating cost projections, and allows for pretty precise input based on location and pool specs. Check it out!

Interesting web calculator. Very accurately knew what my nat gas costs were (I cross checked against my bill). But the most interesting result was if I heated the pool to 84F starting in April and continuing to use the heater until the end of September, my gas costs would be ~$950. If I used a solar bubble cover during that time, my gas costs would be essentially $4. Unfortunately, I'm not about to leave my pool covered everyday because that would turn it into a giant hot tub by Jun 1st, BUT using the solar cover on the elbow months would let me, in theory, warm the pool up faster and extend the pool season all the way until December....unfortunately, even with the DIY Solar Reel, putting the cover on and off is a major PITA.

Thanks for the link.