pool has slow leak and makes it tough to keep up with levels


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Feb 7, 2017
Tulsa, OK
I think my pool has a slow leak. I seem to lose about 1/4" to 1/2' every 12 hours. It seems like i am adding water, testing and adding chems all the time.

Current readings are

FC - 8
CC - 0
pH - 7.2 - between 7.2 and 6.8
TA - 80
CH - 350
CYA - 50

FC is good, CC is good.
PH is low and pool math shows to add 125 oz of borax. I bought a box at walmart and the whole box is only 65 oz. is it right that I need to add 2 boxes?
I am not sure what my TA should be at for a pool that is approx 20,000 gallons

I thought i saw somewhere the recommended levels of everything but I cant find it. I would like to know what to shoot for.

I know:
FC should be around 8
CC should be 0
PH should be 7.8
TA I am not sure
CH I am not sure
CYA I am not sure.

Any helps would help. thanks
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Here is the link: Pool School - Recommended Levels. More links below in my sig.

Your TA should be fine right now. PH does need to be over 7.2, but increase slowly if you must to ensure you're over 7.2. Once at 7.2, let it come-up naturally with some increased aeration (spillover, fountains, etc). Everything else looks quite good. Let us know if you still have questions.