Pool Guys didnt understand the Stenner?


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Sep 16, 2016
Katonah NY

So my pool was opened on Wednesday & I had the stenner check valve put in prior to opening. I was trying to explain what it did & they looked very confused. I said I was injecting liquid chlorine into the pool & no more pucks.

They didnt get it at all & eventually realized what I was talking about.

Anyway here are some photos. Thank you TFP as i am expecting it to be very easy to maintain!




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Apr 22, 2015
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Your stenner pump is upside down. There are built in drain holes and a small catch area at the bottom (plastic surround to the peristaltic tube), keeps acid/chlorine from leaking back into the motor in the event of the tube bursting ( which eventually it will, requiring p-tube replacement). Turn it over now, and you'll save yourself some grief down the road

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May 11, 2014
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You can normally avoid a split/burst pump tube by just replacing it every spring. Order a two pack now and have them on hand.

You can also run a tube from the drain hole back to the chlorine tank so if the tube does leak the chlorine will just run back into the tank.

Using liquid chlorine is a totally foreign concept to most pool "professionals", thus their confusion. This is an industry very similar to a trade guild back in the 1500's. They learn the trade at the side of a "master pool guy" and the information he puts forth is gospel. The gospel is handed down from master to apprentice and any mear pool owner who wants to learn the "secrets" is unworthy. Tabs and shock, good stuff. Liquid chlorine or a SWCG - heresy.

They are talking about you back at the shop now.......


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Jun 7, 2011
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Tim paints a vivid, and entirely accurate portrait of the mentality we see day in, day out here. If it isn't how they "know it to be" then its just wrong. Too funny Tim.