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Nov 4, 2014
Big Island, Hawaii
This site has been a serious help. Pool turned green, pool guy said sorry, good luck. Having nothing but a cheesy HD test kit I immediately ordered a K-2006. I started the addition of liquid chlorine, 24 hour pump time, twice a day brushing and once a day vacuum. It started looking good slowly. Got the test kit yesterday, CYA at well over 100 answered many questions. Drained 1/3 and refilled.
pH- 7.8
5 days into it and it looks much better. Grateful to have found this site.

In Hawaii it's pool time 365. No room for green pools.


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Aug 17, 2012
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Welcome to TFP !
Congrats on taking control ! Once you get a handle on things is going to be very easy.
Your test results. Your still showing a CC of one. Keep following the SLAM Process. Your shock level FC is 31 for a CYA of 80. How does your water look ?
Your PH test be will invalid with FC levels of 10,or higher. The PH will read a false high. Another reason to have lower CYA levels so your FC range is below 10. That way you can accurately test PH.
Your TA is a little high. When your PH gets to 7.8 lower it with acid and your TA will also start to lower albeit slowly. At some point it will fall in line. You'll know this when your PH is fairly stable. What is the TA of your fill water ?

Your CH is low so you could use cal hypo for chlorine to raise that level up. What is the CH of your fill water ?
If this is a non SWG pool you could lower the CYA level a bit more. Going forward what is your chlorine source going to be ? No pucks I hope.
Here are the recommended levels. After your done with the SLAM process you can work on the other things. Keep reading in pool school. Lots of info there so read things a few times to digest it.
Recommended Levels
Any questions you may have don't hesitate to ask. 😎


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Jul 10, 2012
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WELCOME! It is so nice to see someone that ordered a test kit and knew what to do from reading! You are a 100 steps closer to have a clear pool than most newbies!


Jan 21, 2014
Odessa, TX
Welcome to the Forum, and I have to say, Kudos to you. I applaud anyone and everyone who is willing to take control of their own pool, especially those who are wise enough to get on the TFPC method.

as indicated above, crank the FC up, (or drop the CYA more). and get to SLAMing.


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May 10, 2010
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Congrats, sounds like you are getting there, although you may want to do one more partial drain /fill cycle to get your CYA down a bit more, 80 is on the very upper end of of what we consider maintainable for a non SWG pool.


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Nov 4, 2014
Big Island, Hawaii
Been 13 days since I started a SLAM in the blind. Today, she is crystal clear. I did 3 partial drains (as much as would drain without an outside pump), the current figures are below. Alkalinity and Calcium need work, but I am a believer. Puck the puck, it's BBB for me. Glad I had the POPP to see it through. The last few days of 1.5 or 1 CC were irritating for sure.

I appreciate all of the comments. And yes, money will definitely be saved. Plus being a DIY kind of guy, it worked out good for it to be a disaster that introduced me to this site. I will pass it along to the pool guy. Not a bad guy, just misinformed like so many.

FC. 14.5
CC. 0
pH. 7.6
TA. 110
CYA. 53
CH. 90

Input water
TA. 70
CH. 70


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May 11, 2014
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Welcome to TFP!! You did a great job in almost record time.

The Big island is my favorite. Rented a small house on the water in Puako on the Kona side for a week and just slowly explored the island. Met a "forum" friend from a camping forum while there and just had a blast.

With your knowledge stick around and help out new folks when they show up.