Pool got cloudy after adding bleach


Oct 24, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
My pool water was crystal clear. I had some extra 6% bleach (174 oz) so I thought it wouldn't hurt if I added it to the pool. As soon as I poured it into the pool the water became cloudy. Now the entire pool is cloudy. You can still see the bottom but the water has a cloudy haze look. Here are my test results:
FC 4.0
CC 0
AL 100
CH 400
PH 7.8
Sequestrant 9.0
Borates 50

Why would simply adding bleach make my pool cloudy? Is it calcium precipitation?


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
If the pool is a cloudy white, and given your levels, yes it is likely that you are seeing calcium clouding. If it is calcium clouding, bringing your PH down to around 7.2 should clear it up.

Adding bleach raises the PH temporarily, which could have caused the calcium clouding to start. To get it to stop you need to lower the CSI below zero. Lowering PH to around 7.2 should do that.

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