Pool Finish?

Apr 16, 2017
Hello from the suburbs of Houston. We are are looking to sign our contract this coming week and need some help deciding what finish is best for us. Currently, our builder has suggested us going with Mini-Pebble (in white). He mentioned it carries a better warranty than just regular plaster. Is it worth it? I have been reading up on this finish and I am concerned about its texture on the feet and also causing snags. We have a two year old I don't want her (or anyone else to get hurt). I would love to get input from you all. Below are some details about our pool.

-Freeform 26x36
-Depth 3.5 to 6???? (need help with deciding this)- There will be no diving
-Flagstone coping
-12X8 tanning ledge (umbrella hole on decking)
-4 foot Margarita table (umbrella hole in middle)
-1k Spray Deck with flagstone inlays
- Wall of Water with round columns
- Jumping ledge in deep end

I would love any additional advice you may have. Ill post a photo of the design in the comments.


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to TFP Lilia! :wave:

Opinons will be a bit mixed on this as to the roughness and snags. Pebbles are rougher than plain plaster, but there is no argument that it's more durable. There are a lot of Pebble types with tiny stones that many people love, and don't find too abrasive. Larger aggregates are rougher no doubt, but many are happy with these as well. I like a smoother finish and chose Quartz as the in between. Extremely durable, very smooth, and a better lifespan than plain Plaster. A good deal more expensive, but not quite as much as Pebble depending on the color you choose. I strongly suggest you look and feel of some different ones from reference pools or a showplace where something you consider is installed. In Houston, that should be easy to do. You might even have another TFP Member offer a look at theirs, so dont be surprised if that comes up.

Lots of threads on the subject, and lots will weigh in with their experiences as well. Glad you found us, amd we hope you stick around to share your build. Enjoy your stay!


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Mar 16, 2017
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Hi Lilia!!

Opinions are mixed on pool surfaces, but I would love for you to take a look at AquaBright pool finish. It's much smoother on the feet/swimsuit, comes with a 10YR MFG warranty and some pool builders even offer a lifetime warranty on it. You can read more about it here http://www.ecopoolfinish.com/. We are currently installing it in the family pool here in DFW. Other than that if smoothness is a concern consider a "polished marble/stone" like Primera Stone, Durrazo or Hydrazzo. As far the warranty most of the damage/staining done to plaster pools is a result of poor water chemistry requiring a drain and acid wash (very hard on plaster) but generally aggregate (aka pebble) finishes do last longer than plain plaster. How much longer is a matter of some debate.