Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off


May 8, 2020
Houston, TX
We have Stonescapes Midnight Blue Puerto Rico Blend Small. Sun shelf has hand tossed abalone shell. Pics taken at high noon.

We waffled between Midnight Blue, Tahoe Blue, and Tropics Blue, but in the end we're very happy with how it turned out. A nice deep blue!

Depth is 4' near sun shelf/spa moving to 5' at opposite end.

Tile on steps is NPT Lumi Blue and waterline tile is Stratus Gray 2" x 4" (Subway Series) Glass Pool Tile by Artistry in Mosaics. Shout out to @Whiskeyfox for posting on his build thread and the side chat to answer some questions about it.

Note: Pool just got filled a few days ago and still in the brushing phase; however water is starting to clear up nicely.


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Tahoe blue Puerto Rico blend custom to 6 bags of black and 4 bags of white. Glass hand broadcast
This is beautiful. How did you discover the best mix to get to this color? We are going with PB Tahoe Blue and I am a little concerned about green in the mix, so hard to tell from online pics and I haven't been able to see any pools. our pool is 97 lf, kidney shaped. Did you have to pay extra for the special mix?


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May 17, 2017
Seminole Florida
Im no expert but from what I have noticed the color before water was more grey and after filled more blue. My PB told me, when I showed him pictures of what I was aiming for with water color, that the Blue Granite would give me what I was looking for. Im guessing light reflection has a role also.