Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off

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Jun 5, 2019
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I'm just coming across your post & this color is pretty. Did it end up changing to green at all? I'm at the point trying to decide on my finish. Thanks!
No, the color stayed pretty much the same. It has a green tint to it but it reminds me more of a shade of green in a tropical lagoon or the Colorado River from the top of the Grand Canyon, not of algae or anything like that. It nice, no one here regrets the choice. I like it because it does go with all of the browns here in Arizona but still shows nice contrast. And I think I have just about the only pool in our neighborhood that isn't PebbleSheen blue! I will try to remember to get another daytime shot of it next time we have the solar cover off and post it here.

Edit: it was super windy today so no one wanted to swim today, but I will post a relatively recent picture. Mid April.... You can see the blue of the water with the green tint of the plaster.. I still am happy we went that way... IMG_20200416_160523890.jpg
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May 28, 2020
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This is the Premix Marbletite Tahiti with the Mystic Ice added. All of these pictures were taken on sunny days. The sundeck is 9 inches. The deepest part is in the middle at 5 foot and the outer edges of the pool are 3.5 foot and 4 foot. I have included pictures for Days 7, 13 and 31. I have also added a picture of the pool plaster on the step on the sundeck, so you can see the color of the stones from the Mystic Ice.


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Apr 1, 2020
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Here is our NPT Stone Scapes Mini Pebble in Caribbean Blue. Full Sun, about 30 days after filling.



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May 18, 2020