Pool equipment upgrade plans


Aug 22, 2016
Chicago, IL
I would love to have some opinions on our plans for the pool this year.

Towards the end of last season, our single speed pump died, so we replaced it with a Pentair SuperFlo VS before we closed the pool ourselves

Now, we've decided to do some upgrades before opening the pool this year.

1. Clean, replace the sand and check the components of the sand filter. I am sure that this hasn't been done since at least 2012 because that's when the guy we bought the house from bought it, and he did not take care of the pool. I suspect that one of the laterals is busted because we are getting really fine sand in the pool, right along the walls near the jets.
2. Hubby wants to set up a solar heating system. Any recommendations? Also, we currently have a gas heater (never worked properly because it turns out we had a pipe leak between the meter and the heater that will need to be replaced), so should we get rid of the heater when setting up the solar system? We will replace or remove the pipes this spring, but just wondering if its worth it to keep it as a back up??
3. Install an SWG. I've decided on the Circupool RJ-60 with the current promotion at discount salt pools. We have an inline puck chlorinator, should we get rid of that?

I would love to hear your recommendations, cautions and anything else :)


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
1. Sand does not wear out. But, if you think you have internal issues with the filter, then you need to remove the sand to fix it. I cannot find the size of the filter based on your description so it will be up to you if it is easier to reuse the sand or put in new.

2. Lots of folks here with Solar. It works well in most areas. I cannot give any guidance on it, however.

3. Circupool makes good SWCG's. You show the largest and that is good. You do need to have a timer for it as your Superflo will not control it. The SWCG must be powered down when the pump is off.

I would suggest you keep the puck chlorinator if you have room to install the SWCG with it there. They can be handy when you need to bump up your CYA by using tablets. But if you need the room, no big deal in losing it either.

Take care.