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Feb 8, 2021
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I've been reading a ton of forum posts on here as we were looking to build and throughout our build. We are within about 2 weeks of finishing and finally getting water in the pool. Today talking with the Pool Builder, I asked if the pool could be run seperately from the spa. He told me that they could hook up the Equipment (Jandy) with either two modes, a Spa and Pool Mode, or set it up with 3 modes, Spa, Pool, and Spill Over. He said in this option you could run both the spa and pool independently of each other, or run them both together in spill over mode...

He said normally they set it up for just the two, Spa & Pool, and that the spillover would always be running when the pool was running.. Are there advantages or disadvantages to either setup?


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Jul 7, 2014
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I suggest that you go with the 3 modes.. The constant spillover can cause the pH to continuously increase. I have a waterfall wall that I thought would be "cool". What I found out is that after about five minutes of listening to it, I was over it.. I turn it on from time to time, but I am glad it does not run all the time. I see spillover spas the same way.


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