Pool Equipment Review / Critique - DFW Area


Sep 12, 2020
Fort Worth
Hi All,

We are looking to sign our contract this week with our local preferred pool builder. Please see attached below for critique and pool equipment review. Originally we were budgeting around 85k and we're coming out the door just shy of 101 and I'm sure we'll have some tweaks involved. We're in the DFW area and had 4 other bids and all came in higher than this, 102, 109, 106, and one at around 100 as well. We chose this pool builder as we know somebody who is a good friend and works there and even showed us their companies "profit" at the end of the day.

Our access is pretty tight having to remove existing neighbors fence panels and possibly even the A/C units for the dig which is results in substantially higher costs for the excavation portion and a little bit of grading. We'll swap the Polaris Quattro for a robot cleaner most likely as well and have an additional gas line being ran to the existing outdoor kitchen in place for a gas BBQ. With current concrete having to be sawed out ( See existing backyard - last picture) We have 2 "Sunbenches" per say debating on depths on these as we have a soon to be 2 year old. 6 or 9" for the first and 12" on the second? Thoughts about adding lights in these areas? Debating on still whether turning the second secondary sunbench back into a long love seat or leave it as is.

Anything else I'm missing here or thoughts? Thanks for everybody's help!

113' Permiter
526 sq ft (Pool)
17k Gallons est.
34x19.5 (Longest point)
2 Main Drains /2 Skimmers /6 Returns

1/2" Steel 10" OC
12" x 16" 1/2" Steel
8" Thickness

8' x 7' Spa (Raised 18" - Travertine/Ledgerstone Veneer
56 sq ft
2.5" Suction
2 Main Drains
6 Spa Jets

Drains - 4" Drains (Included Tie-In Gutters)

3 Raised Beams -
12" High - 7' Long - Travertine/Ledgerstone Veneer
24" High - 13' Long - Travertine/Ledgerstone Veneer
18" High - 14" Long - Travertine/Ledgerstone Veneer

2 - 36" Sheet Descents (Separate Pump for Water Features)

Wet Edge Signature Matrix Level 1 Pebble
Standard Travertine Coping
595 sq ft Spray Deck + 311 sq ft cap existing concrete (Spray Deck)

7' Gas Fire Pit (5' Internal) - 1 - 36" Sheer Descent (Separate Pump for Water Features)
Also Running Gas line to existing BBQ

Jandy Variable Speed Pump
Jandy 1.5 HP Stealth Pump (Water Features)
Jandy 460 sq ft Cartridge Filter
(3) Jandy Mini Filters
Auto Fill Pool Misor
Polaris Quattro & Booster Pump - (Will Change to Robot Cleaner)
2 Jandy LED Pool Lights / 2 Spa Lights (1 for the Pool @ the entry)
Two Actuators
Jandy RS6 W/ Aqua Link
Jandy JXI 400 BTU Heater
Jandy 1.5 HP Blower



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Jan 17, 2012
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Will there be returns on the baja shelves to help keep circulation going up there?

Everything in your plans looks good to *me* but some of the plumbing pros may chime in.

What are your plans for safety for the babies?

Maddie :flower: