Pool Equipment Pad - Location Advice


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May 20, 2020
We're in the beginning stages of building a pool in our backyard. I wanted to get some thoughts on the current design location of the equipment pad (see picture).

I would rather have the pool equipment in another area and free up the space next to the pool.
But after talking with the PB and looking at the yard, that seems to be the best location.

The other place I was thinking of was having the equipment pad on the north end of the photo along the left fence line.
The right side of the backyard (beyond the picture) is out of the question due to a large existing concrete driveway.

Any thoughts on why this might be a decision I'll regret later (e.g. noise, aesthetics, etc)?



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hi there RBRacing, welcome to TFP :handwave:

I can't see any problems with having the equipment pad up above the pool along the fenceline, hopefully out of direct view.

You may need to check with Miss Utility of course, so you know nothing major is in that space.

Maddie :flower: