Pool electrical panel not working after lightning strike


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Apr 8, 2017
Lightning hit a landscape transformer which was plugged into the pool junction box outlet. After that the prologic automation control panel does not work at all. Without that all pool equipment (pumps, chlorination cell, filter, heater are not able to turn on). I am not sure of the extend of the damage. Could someone please shed some light? Really lost at this point. The questions I have:
1-) Is there any check / basic diagnosis I can do myself?
2-) Should I contact a regular electrician or a pool electrician or a pool repair company?

Help is much appreciated.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your pool and lightning strike questions... :shark:

It could have taken everything out or it may be just a simple fuse.. No way to tell via the internet.

I would first try to reset all the circuit breakers including the one(s) inside your main panel that feed the pool subpanel.

If you have a meter, then I would confirm that you have power to your sub panel and your Pro-Logic.

I'm not too familiar with your specific automation system, but I would check the manual to see if there are any internal circuit breakers or fuses.

If you are not "into" automation or electricity in general, it would make sense to call an electrician who is familiar with the Pro-Logic system.

Thanks for posting and hoping you'll get some better advice for one of our other members...

Jim R.
Oct 2, 2013
Lady Lake, FL
Just starting thunderstorm season here in central florida (May 2018) ... and already having disturbing results. Loud thunder-crack and wifi controller no longer talking to panel, and pool pump goes to 100%. ... haven't gotten out there yet to see what's going on, just turned it off at the breaker until the storm passes. After replacing almost everything twice last season (due to lightning) and installing grounding rods and a surge suppressor directly on my pool panel ... I'm looking for any advice on how to avoid/minimize lightning damage in my pool. My builder says to just turn it off at the breaker during storms ... which pretty much means I can't run my pool from May - October, that doesn't seem practical. ... also curious if there are any off the shelf devices (ie. Alexa / Apps) that can replace the specialized hayward equipment that costs $1000s for a relatively simple circuit board. ... or am I better off just trouble-shooting and replacing components on my own? ... not entirely sure how lighting could damage my pool three different times in the 18 months it has been in existence, yet no other lightning damage in the house.