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Aug 25, 2018
Wesley Chapel/ FL
Hi All,

Our pool dig will start soon. As this is my very first pool, I want to make sure that I understand everything as much as I can. I learned a lot and still learning from this forum. Here are the details:

Pool Features:

44’ X 25’ rectangular pool

Pool Depth: 3.5’ to 6’

Shallow end Sun shelf: 25’ X 9.6’ (25’ will have 7’ X 7’ 360 deg. SPA sitting on one side) with 3 LED Bubblers

Deep end Sun Shelf: 20’ X 5’ – (2 LED Bubblers, plus a Step Pad )

12’ X 6’ wall with 8’ rain fall or rain arc water feature

4 wall returns; 2 floor returns at the deep end (to heat the pool fast)

1 skimmer, Overflow protection-Yes, Autofill-Yes, Screen Enclosure-Yes

SPA Features:

7’ X 7’

Integrated with pool, 12” raised from shallow end Sun shelf

360 degree infinity spa

6 therapy jets

1-main drain

2 -floor returns



2- pumps (1 for pool & spa -IntelliFlo VSF; 1 for water features(bubblers & rain fall)

QUAD DE 60 filter

400 K BTU Natural Gas Heater

IntelliChlor IC60 with SWCG


Intelli Center System

load center with I8PS Personality Kit


Do I need more returns for better circulation?

Do I need side suctions or add 1 more main drain in the deep end?

Do I need anything to add more for SPA?

I want to automate Pool, SPA ( including 360 spill), pool & Spa lights, Bubblers, rain fall water feature and its light effects. Do I need to upgrade I8PS to I10PS?.


Based on my very basic understanding I came up with my own pool plumbing schematics. Please refer the attached PDF documents and please provide me your suggestions, corrections to my errors.

Thank you


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Jan 17, 2012
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I'm a tad disappointed that a pool that large is going to be so shallow in the deep end. No diving, cannon balls hitting bottom, BOO HOO!!! :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: I could cry for the missed fun.

Be sure to specify that your depth measurements are the *water depth* and not the pool wall height. Some folks have missed that little issue and later been very disappointed.

Pentair ☑️ except tell us *which model #* so our Pentair experts can chime in on best ones for you.

You need at least 2 skimmers* for that size of a pool.

Maddie :flower:


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Aug 15, 2017
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Have your skimmers and main drains each separately plumbed direct runs for better control and incase of a problem in one skimmer it can be valved off without effecting the other or the main drain. Make sure not to undersize suction side pipes.