Pool design-price advice


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Jun 9, 2010
Hi Everyone,
I just got a bid from a reputable company in Central FL (they have been around since 1975.) I have attached the specs, design, etc. Any tips or advice?
I may drop the water fans....saves me only $125.

Pool Size: 15.5x28
Shape:Free Form

Calypso Pebble Pool Finish w/10 Year Full Guarantee
Pool Circulation Pump
5 Function Multi-test 1200V Test Kit
Cantilever Edge Trim
Pool Filter Package
8' x 16' telescoping Aluminum Pole
6" Designer Waterline Tile
Hayward CL200 Automatic Chlorinator
Pool Care Video Tape
3 Shallow end Steps w/ Cap Tile Edges
8" Main Drains
Deluxe AB 18" Pool Brush
Swim-out w/ Rail and Step
Large Capacity Skimmer
Aquality Leafnet
Fibermix Concrete Deck w/ Cool-Deck Topping
Acrylic Topping
300w 12V Pool Light
American Flex a Vec II Vacuum
Schedule 40 PVC Low Restriction Piping
Automatic Timer w/ Weatherproof Housing
Vacuum Hose (30' to 50' as needed)
Complete 220V hookup as per National Electric Code
Jobsite Clean-up

BASE PRICE (Pool w/ standard equipment): $22,388
Options as Listed Below:
Aqua Rite Salt $1,000
Spa Heater
Cleaning System
Plumb Vac Line
Spa Light
2- Water Fans $125
Jet Pump
Alarms or Fence 90' Pool Fence $1,207
Spillway (

Total Options $2,332
Total Price $24,720




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Mar 13, 2009
Get names and model numbers for every piece of equiptment.

1- Pool pump name,hp rating, service factor, voltage/amperage and gallon per min. Is it single speed, 2 speed, or a variable speed?

2- Pool filter package- What type of filter ( DE, Cartridge,or sand ) Name brand, filter area.

3 - Piping size , pvc or flex, How many skimmers and returns. how many and what size main drain(s).

4- Lose the test kit if it will yeild 68 bucks and get a tf-100 from here.

5- Who pays to hual off dirt?

6- Will the pool be plaster, liner etc? The type of finish should be listed as well as any other info like color.

7-what type of valving ( jandy or pentair valves, or el cheapo )

There is more but its all about specification. Have every thing spelled out in writing. Do not accept any verbal agreement. While your pool is not the most expensive I have seen its still a great deal of money, and you are smart to ask questions now.
Be sure to post on your progress, often there are questions that come up.