Pool Deck Renovation


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Mar 15, 2019
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Hi everyone, a little of a background. Purchased a house about 8 months ago. Came with a pool and this is my first! Pool is 20k gal inground vinyl. Vinyl is 4 years old. Pool is closer to 40 years old. Much of what i've learned has been from TroubleFreePools so thank you all! Converted it to salt water after we bought the house and its been fantastic!

The concrete deck, not so much. Based on docs from the previous owner, the deck was resurfaced with dura-crete back in 2000. There are many cracks that look to have been filled with caulk of some kind and most of it is coming up/out. Lots of flexing/settling of the concrete. Additionally, it seems in certain areas where the deck meets the house, the slope of the deck has some places where water running into the brick. This house to deck crack was also caulked back in 2000.

Two questions:

1. The house to deck crack, how should I seal this? Clean it out and recaulk?

2. All the other cracks, especially the large cracks/holes, how do I reseal or resurface these areas? I would rather avoid tearing it all up and repouring if possible. Grind out the cracks, stuff with foam tubing, and recaulk?

I've attached pics to help see whats going on. Anything recommendations would be great!




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Jul 10, 2012
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House/deck creak is of upmost importance to keep any water from getting in that area and causing problems. I would clean it up real good by getting all of the old stuff off and using some good outdoor caulk to fill it in for now. The permanent stuff can be done later.

Now for those bigger areas of decking. You are to have to see how far down the holes goes and see if you can figure out if there is an leaks in that areal. Have you been losing any water in the 8 months you have been there?

Once you figure out how deep/big the holes are you will need to find a way to get sand or dirt in there to fill them up and make sure it is compacted good to keep the new stuff from settling again.

Once it is all filled in you can pour some concrete there and maybe color it so it is closer in color with the rest of the stuff.