Pool deck needs TLC, have questions

Jun 23, 2008
My pool deck isn't as nice as I would like. I need some information/advice on this. First of all, I'm not sure what kind of deck this is, I've heard someone call it "Kool-crete", so is that "concrete" or what? Take a look at the pics:

My biggest gripe is that it just looks dirty...there is some rust spots and greenish mold in some places, and there are alot of small little pressure cracks. The big ones have seemed to be filled in.

So my main questions are:
Can someone explain a little about the material (if you can tell from the pics)?
How should I clean this?
What can be done about these small cracks?

As you may tell I have no experience taking care of a pool or pool area. One more thing, my sub division has 100 homes, of which I think 80 or more have pools, and they all look "almost" the same...but I really can't find anyone's deck that looks like mine. Everyone else's deck looks like "real" concrete, like a side-walk...I wonder why mine looks different? My best uneducated guess is that the previous owner went cheap on the install.


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Apr 16, 2007
Gulfport Mississippi
Kool Deck Cool Crete and other such coating are added after the concrete is poured on mostly cured.

Contrary to what you have assumed this is an upgrade from your neighbors.

It does a great job of keeping your feet from burning on the concrete as well as adding a degree of nonslip properties.

I like the stuff but you and I have the same problem --- it looks dirty all the time.

Since it has so much texture for mildew stains to take hold it’s very hard to clean.

If you pressure wash it really well and then clean it with a degreasing solution then rinse thoroughly.

(Prep. Is Key here because it appears to have an old sealer on it?)

Then simply coat with a product like COLOR-CRETE manufactured by INCRETE .

This will be easier to keep clean and will look very nice.

I’m not sure but I think you can add a mildicide to the paint.

This is what I as going to do this year but the decks (wood) came first so I only power washed until next year.

Good luck and BTW I mentioned this product by name because I had it installed at the drive entrance of a very heavily traveled hotel and it washes up nicely.