Pool cover - where to purchase, how long, what is a reasonable price


May 5, 2020
Hello - we live in Maryland and just opened our pool this season and made it through a successful SLAM for the second time (we have owned our home and pool for going on the second season). The pool cover is from previous owner and obviously seen some years though held up this winter despite our best efforts to keep the snow level off of it from the handful of snowfall we got our way.

We are looking to purchase a new pool cover. Should we go with a local pool company to start this process. I believe our current one is a Meyco brand and latches on to anchors (we have had the pool company open and close the pool, though we do our own clearing up of the water and balancing). What is a reasonable price range? Our pool is free-form almost like a figure eight shape.

Are there any particular brands that are better than the other? Any guidance in general?
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