Pool Cover Spool Corrosion


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Feb 8, 2008
Sonoma, CA
Upon unwinding my vinyl pool cover in preparation for replacement, I was surprised to see massive and disabling corrosion on the aluminum spool and on the tapered ends where they attach to the spool. The tapered ends had been screwed into the spool, then wrapped tightly with duct tape. What was shocking was that also under the duct tape was #8 braided copper grounding strap screwed into the spool and through into the tapered ends. The strap was broken at the edge of the duct tape and whatever it had been attached to is a mystery -- perhaps the cover with a conductive wire to the other end with the rail?

Because I have a SWG pool, the aluminum spool had clearly become a very effective sacrificial anode.

Is such grounding of the spool required by code? Has anyone else had a similar occurrence?

Regarding the replacement parts, I've read on the forum this afternoon some notes that suggest adding a magnesium anode into the bonding circuit. Is that best solution? Or should the grounding strap simply be eliminated?


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Anodes are zinc. Eliminating a ground is never a good idea. You saw the results. The installer didn't follow the manufacturers recommendations. How are the braces?


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