pool cover ripped ,nasty water


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May 13, 2017
not sure what to do here as the pool cover ripped over the winter and all the rain water bird poo and bug waste ended up in the pool. i plan to open the pool by memorial day and im wondering if just 4 bags of shock with the pump on will fix this issue. last year the cover was on but took it off too soon and it got all green but the shock worked and floc. so just hoping doing the same thing will work this year just dont know whats in the water this year could be a ton of leaves and who knows what. im new to the pool thing as we inherited this from previous owners. what chemicals do i need to do this properly for all year round

DE filter
25,000gal above ground


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Jul 30, 2014
Monmouth County, New Jersey

Welcome to the forum. Here at TFP, we rely on time tested methods and follow strict guidelines that work. Haphazardly dumping bags of shock, floc, etc. may have worked in the past, but is not recommended. Please familiarize yourself with all the articles in "Pool School". It is highly recommended you invest in a recommended test kit as well.

Next year, purchase a cover large enough to provide slack so you do not have the same problems. Also, you will want to open your pool sooner than later. The hotter the climate, the longer it will take to clear your pool. In addition, you have a DE filter, which works great if sized properly.

You will need to clean out as much debris as possible with your equipment while you are performing a SLAM. Please keep us posted!