Pool cover recommendations for Virginia like weather - solid vs mesh?


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Apr 26, 2020
Chesapeake, Virginia
I have a pretty standard L shaped in ground pool and am looking at getting a pool cover for the winter. My pool builder has been very trustworthy and is recommending a high density mesh cover. I can still choose a solid cover if I want, but he said he has many clients (they do pool openings and closings) that have clear water when opening with the high density mesh covers. So for people in Virginia/Maryland/North Carolina weather - what has been your experiences?IMG_9711.JPG


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Jul 21, 2013
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Nice pool. I think you are more assured of a clean opening with a solid cover. There are pros and cons to both mesh and solid.



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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
I have been using a mesh Loop-Loc cover on my pool for the last 13 years. Each spring, my pool water is clear but there is a fine sediment on the bottom of the pool. My daughter's two dogs discovered it was fun running on to it and playing in the water that came up through the mesh. They also put a hole in it. So I'll be buying a new one this fall. I'm going to switch to a solid cover so there isn't any water to tempt them.
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