Pool Cover for Heating and Cooling

About 8 to 10 years ago I purchased a pool cover that shipped free from Great Britian. The cover was 5 layers laminated together with a white reflective surface on one side and a black absorbing surface on the other side. As I remember the interior 3 layers were designed to help with cooling the pool if the white layer was up and heating the pool if the black layer was up. The cover worked great and its only downside was that it was blown off the surface with wind much easier. I remember looking for the supplier a few years ago and the web site was not active.

Has anyone heard this product or know the company name? Or, does anyone know of a cover that is also designed to help keep the pool cooler in the summer? Here in Mexico on the Sea of Cortez something is needed and aeration is not working very well with our constant 85 to 95 small temperature spread with intense sun. Our other issue is the our 1 1/2" pool jets do not have the notches inside and they are buried in concrete so all I can do is use a 1" PVC to 3/4 adapter which just barely holds inside the jet cover and attach to it as a temporary help.
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