pool cover for a geometric pool in North Scottsdale


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May 18, 2013
North Scottsdale

I am planning on building a geometric pool (15 x 25) in North Scottsdale and want others experiences with pool covers. Specifically:

  1. What kind of cover did you use? Manufacturer/make and other facts about the cover including prices if you feel comfortable in doing so.[/*:m:2bljd4cm]
  2. Did you use a built-in cover? If not then why not?[/*:m:2bljd4cm]
  3. Do you have any issues with the water temp getting too hot? I have heard about people running water through their solar cells at night to cool the water down.[/*:m:2bljd4cm]
  4. What are people's experiences with the longevity of the cover and yearly maintenance?[/*:m:2bljd4cm]
  5. What color choices are best for this area? [/*:m:2bljd4cm]
  6. Any thoughts not covered :lol: in my above questions?[/*:m:2bljd4cm]


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Jul 13, 2009
Fort Wayne, IN
we have an auto cover. Purchased it from Aquacover for around $8K. Installed it ourselves. Chose auto cover because we have six kids and we need them around during tax time. Also, county required us to have a fence or auto cover. The pool is just off the back door and we didn't want to fence in the house. We chose grey because it blended in nicely with the concrete decking. I personally enjoy the ease. Takes less than a minute to zip the pool up so I can run in for a bathroom break. As for the water temperature, the top couple inches of water gets very warm after keeping the cover on for a few days. However, we like the water warm. Kinda nice to plunge deeper to the cool water beneath.

You can see our cover, the vault and the install pictures on our build thread.
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