Pool Cover - Do you use one?

May 9, 2018
Austin, TX
Had a question about "pool covers". Does anyone use one in the "off season" for in ground pools? The reason I ask is because there's an oak tree that loses a lot of leaves in winter and a lot of those "tassels/catkins" fall in early spring. Anyone have a recommendation (besides cutting tree down)?

Augi from Austin :cool:

Uncle Salty

Gold Supporter
Feb 4, 2017
South Carolina
Yes I use a solar cover all year round and yes the catkins are a real nuisance. I have about a dozen oaks surrounding our property and get tons of catkins, I usually just use my leaf blower and blow them to the shallow end and either leaf net them out or shop vac them out. Thankfully there done for this season and now going through the pollen fun.