Pool coping issues - legitimate or nitpicky?


Aug 9, 2020
Hi yall, weve been in construction of our simple rectangular pool for more than 3 months though and are starting to run into issues and delays left and right which is incredibly frustrating.

they installed half of the coping last week, and I noticed a few issues but I’m not sure if I am being too nitpicky and an unreasonable customer, or if these are actual issues that I should have the builder fix.

The first picture is of a rust stain on a brand new stone — someone must have set a bucket down on it. Maybe this stain can be removed, but if not I am 100% having this stone replaced

pictures 2&3 shows an uneven joint between two stones that have been set. Is it a major difference? No, but its noticeable to the eye and especially running your hand or foot from one stone to the next. All of the others are level. I would expect brand new pavers to be level to start

picture 4 I’m on the fence about bringing up. It shows the difference in joint gap width between two different pairs of stones. The left one is narrow ans uniform while the pair on the right is much wider and also angled so it’s wider at the water. There will obviously be a wider grout line visible as well if this stays. The other part of this is that the two stones on the right pair were cut shorter so they would fit properly for the length of the pool. This means that one or both of the tiles were not cut straight by the builder rather than it being a tile variance issue.

So, what does everyone think? Am I being nitpicky or do I have valid grievances? I paid more for this upgraded stone so I want it to be perfect but also maybe this stuff is minor and I’ll never notice once it’s all finished (other than the stain). The crew ran out of tile and is delayed so I should have time to get these fixed if needed. Appreciate the help!


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