Pool Contractor Says "NO" Glass Wateline Tile, REALLY ?


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Jan 17, 2012
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When I did my kitchen with glass copper looking tiles the tile guy mentioned he hated doing glass tile that comes with paper over the front holding it together till applied. Thankfully mine had a mesh on the back and no paper. I can imagine how the paper covered tile would be much harder to line up and install. That might have been the issue?

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Jun 28, 2017
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Cutting glass tiles can chip the tile edges, the tile backing and requires better blades. Installing glass tile overall is a more time consuming process when factoring labor costs.


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Apr 30, 2021
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I assume my pool builder didn't want to do glass tile because his installer wasn't very good and flaws in leveling are very evident now. Haven't had any problems with grout or adhesion though. But it's very obvious his crew wasn't super skilled and we probably should have gone with the 6"x6" tiles he was pushing.
Ugh sorry to hear this . I am VERY nervous , I am guessing they will do my tile this week so I am about to find out.


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Apr 17, 2022
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Ugh sorry to hear this . I am VERY nervous , I am guessing they will do my tile this week so I am about to find out.
I had glass tile installed at the water line, waterfall into pool from spa, and the backsplash on our outdoor kitchen. I am an artist and use tile in my work, so I have installed tile myself many times (including a 35 x 9 ft tile mosaic of 2 inch tiles for one public art piece, which was a beast). There was no way any pool builder was going to talk me out of whatever tile aesthetic I wanted 😂

I made sure I was home when the tile went in and checked on the installers several times. They did a fantastic job and it looks beautiful. I did make sure to get several extra sheets of the tile for future repair if needed.

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