Pool Company Testing Methods Different?


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Apr 13, 2017
Little Elm Texas
So, I have battling some high PH this past month.
I found that my TA was low.
I have been very active this past month at testing and getting it back to where it needs to be.
I will be honest, I was letting the pool company do the work, once a week.
I am not going to do that anymore. Going to stick to the TF testing methods and being more diligent about it.

Anyways, with me taking a more active approach, I have found the pool company readings are always different than mine.
For example, last Friday...
Pool Company

My Readings last Friday:
FC = 6
PH = 7.6.
CYA = 40 (I have been working on this, it was like WAY low before)
I then added 10oz of Acid to get my number to 7.2. I tested later and it was 7.2. Pool Company came later in the day, and it was 7.6.

Last night, I did a test:
FC = 5.5
PH = 7.3
TA = 60 (Took me a bit, but finally got it to 60 last night).

Pool Company came this morning and had this:

They added 30oz of acid.
Almost 2 hours later, I went out to test myself

FC = 4.5
CC = .5
PH = 7.1
TA = 50
CH = 400
CYA = based on the 50 sample I bought, I think I am at 40.
Salt = 3200

How do they test? I know he is not using strips, cause I can see him doing some type of drop test.
I mean the TA is not even close. I even went back and watched the youtube video to make sure I was not messing it up.
I am starting to think the reason I am having issues, is because they are all over the place?

Anyways, thinking I am just going to be done with them. I was using them as a sanity check on my testing, but then slacked off.
Going to add some baking soda today to get my TA to 60.
Not sure where he got 3000 from for the salt.


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May 19, 2010
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They do not have time to follow correct testing procedures. Likely they are being sloppy or just making up numbers.

Trying to mix their testing and your testing and their chemical additions and yours is just going to be confusing and, as you see, often counterproductive.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Most SWCG pools like their pH to be right about 7.8... You are just wasting your time and Acid trying to keep it at 7.2... It will stay their for a microsecond or two before trying to bounce back to 7.8...

7.8 or 7.9 is perfectly fine... When it gets to 8.0 drop it back to 7.7 and let it drift up to 8.0 and then do it again...

Adding all that acid has driven your TA down... As long as your TA is 50 or above you are ok.. Just don't let it drop below 50..


Jim R.


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Jul 24, 2007
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I agree with the others, ditch the pool company and save the money. Polaris will keep it clean, you can keep it balanced.

I usually just add acid by the half gallon when it gets to 7.8, that'll drop me down to 7.2 -7.4 range and will usually stay in range for about two weeks.