Pool company came out and inspected the cell


Apr 1, 2010
i've replaced my cell and control board and its still acting up. it will read 3000 salts at 0800 and then at 2-3 in the afternoon it's reading 2600 lights flashing. the pool company came out and inspected the cell and told me it was all caked with calcium (less than 2.5 months) yeah dont think so. before that the first one was in place for almost 3 yrs. the pool store cant tell me why it's flashing lights all the time. i'm about ready to rip it out and just start going back to the old way adding all the chemicals every day.


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May 7, 2007
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Calcium scaling will tend to cause the salt to read low. You need to clean the cell and adjust your water chemistry so it doesn't just get scaled all over again.

You should post a full set of water test results. Presumably either PH, TA, or CH, or some combination, are too high, but it is impossible to tell without test results.

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