Pool company added algaecide at closing but I don't know what chemical it was.


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Sep 30, 2019
Westminster, Massachusetts
Our pool is new this year and the closing was included in the price so we let the pool company close it. They had to install the cover anyhow. I prefer to do this on my own but figured it was free so I'd let them. But I wasn't home. They told me they added algaecide and shock and then said I should add "Algaecide Plus" before it freezes (there is a cap in the cover to add chemicals). I don't know if they added a copper based chemical or what problems any algaecide could cause. I see to use polyquat on the TFP site.

Do I have any concerns? Should I add more algaecide of some kind before it freezes?


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Jun 16, 2019
Most of them have copper so statistically speaking it probably did also, But one bottle won’t hurt so long as your fill water didn’t have a high amount as well. The kind I used to use said right on it to add every 3 months, I’m assuming because the chlorine breaks it down. So that would make sense that he told you to add more before the freeze. It’s really just for now, when the weather is undecided to get you to the cold part of the season.

Open up long before you feel like swimming and algae won’t have the chance to grow when it warms up. Being a new pool, I’m sure you’ll want to be looking at it open plenty early enough.:)
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Jun 16, 2019
If not for the swimming, just for the nice looking backyard in spring.
Heck yeah. I wanted to look at mine LONG before anyone wanted to swim. Aesthetics alone saved my ignorant butt many headaches. I closed real late for the same reasons having no clue that’s why I didn’t have problems.


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Jul 21, 2013
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There are a bunch of products labeled " Algaecide Plus ". Post pics of the labels on the bottle for us to know to what you have.