pool collar and ordering concrete

Apr 10, 2012
Hi... I have a question about concrete. Most specifically, ordering the cement for the collar. 1. How many yards of concrete would I need to pour the collar for a 16 x 36. Also... I've never ordered concrete before and not sure of the process for having a concrete truck pull up to my house.

I'm not going to have a ton of people that can help me haul the concrete. So I plan to rent a concrete buggy and use that. My question is... once that cement truck pulls up... how much time do I have to haul the concrete to my pool?? Is there a set time... I mean.. I would of course try to pour the cement as quickly as possible, but what if it take me a couple hours..? Am I paying for the cement and the driver's time? Would I just pay more?? I just don't know how this works. I know this a pretty stupid question and I thank everyone in advance.


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May 13, 2012
San Jose, CA
If I were you, I would have someone that has a good deal of experience handle the job before I would do what you are explaining... IMHO. Normally cement is pumped to get it to where you want it. Last thing you want is 9 yds of concrete harden up in the wrong place.


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May 17, 2012
Depends on how deep you are pouring. I am Planning our pool build and am coming up with 3.7 yards from online calculators for a 6" collar on a 16x36 pool.

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Jun 23, 2009
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I get 4 cu yds so we're probably pretty close.

The issue you're gonna have is most places want a set delivery fee for less than 5 yards. You're gonna wind up paying more for 4 yards than you would for 5 or 6 yards.

If it's a couple hours you shouldn't pay extra for the drivers time. But I'd check with the vendor to make sure that's the case.

It's just me but for 4 yards I'd rent a mixer and mix it myself. You'll come out a lot cheaper and there's no time constraints.
Mar 2, 2012
You should get so many min per yard. Any extra time they will charge for but the savings will be worth the work. I would make shur you have 3 of you there to pour the cement and I would use an 8 in bond beam. When the truck comes have the cement just wet enough to be easy to level flat shovel . Good luck!