Pool collapse


New member
Sep 16, 2013
I am new here and just looking for some answers. I have an 18x36 I/G vinyl liner Pool with a roman end. Lenght is actually closer to 40'. I don't know the age but it is probably around 40 years old. We had a hole in the liner and had it patched. It was located on a seam in the liner where the floor me the wall. We decided to replace the liner before closing it in case the patch failed during the winter. The side walls were starting to bow in. As a result we were told it was a possibility the pool would collapse when the water was drained. The contractor tried to brace the walls to help hold them up. Fortunately the braces worked, however the bottom of the wall pushed in when the water was drained. We were told that had the pool had concrete footings this would not have happened, and when this pool was built they were not required as they are now. I was informed this could not be repaired which means installing an entirely new pool.

Here is the dilemma. Do I install another vinyl liner pool which would require removal of pavers, concrete slab under the pavers and excavation? Or should I look into a gunite pool. I have been told it would require minimal excavation, but the pool would be slightly smaller? What are the cost differences? I will be using the same skimmer and return lines and I have a brand new Hayward 60 sq. ft. D.E. filter.