Pool Co. advice-Central FL


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Jun 9, 2010
I am getting down to the nitty-gritty on picking a pool company. I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences with any of them. They are Florida Pools and Spa, Blue Marlin Pools, and Intercoastal Pools. All are from the Melbourne-Cocoa area of Florida.



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Nov 12, 2009
Indialantic, FL
I worked with all 3 of them in the design/estimating phase (also Paradise) - got serious with Blue Marlin and Intercoastal - ended up going with Intercoastal and would do it again.

PM me if you want more info on why, etc.

Edit: Correction to say I am a homeowner whose "work" with them was to get a comparable set of bids (against my design & equipment specs).

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