Pool cleaners and stairs?

Jul 29, 2010
New Bern, NC
Our 24' Round AGP came with a "free" Dirt Blaster auto vacuum. However, we have Easy Step stairs installed and I was skeptical that the vacuum would find it's way around it. I was correct, it gets stuck at the stairway, but even if it could find it's way around, it messes up it's natural pattern and will never cover the whole pool. No major loss, I'm not terribly impressed with it anyway.

This all leads to my question. It's really not convenient at all to remove the stairs every time I want to clean the pool. Not only is the staircase fastened to the deck, it is now weighted down and I don't think I'd lift it out of there with any ease anyway. What type and brand of robotic cleaners would get the job done? I was looking hard at a Rover Jr., thinking if that runs in a criss cross pattern, it may just work.

Or you could tell me to just use a standard pole type and be done with it!

Thanks for any opinions!



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May 16, 2009
Pomeroy, Iowa
I've had an Aqua Critter for many years. The thing works great, but yes, I have to keep an eye on it as it once in a while finds the stairs & gets caught. Minor inconvenience to me. I still like the job it does cleaning.
Jun 2, 2009
South Chicago burbs
Going through similar issue. Wound-up buying the Hornet (same as Rover, even made by Aqua Products). I've got the Royal Entrance in my 16x24' ABP.
Put it in for the 1st time the other day and watched. While it did get 'somewhat' trapped by the stairs, within about 3-5min the 'pattern' that it runs in allowed it to free itself and it continued to do its job.
Was happy with the job it did... did notice that it wouldn't always make it across the pool before reversing direction. Even with the 'larger pool' cycle selected. In all though it trapped anything you'd expect.
Hope you find what works for you.