Pool cleaner that doesn't climb wall?


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Jul 23, 2009
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
As you can see in my sig., I have an in-ground vinyl pool and have a Hayward Tigershark cleaner. It cleans the pool well, but it also has some annoying habits so I and up having to "babysit" it (and quite often have to turn it off, or pick it up and throw it into the pool to stop it from hanging up on things).

When it's scrubbing the water line it quite often almost climbs out the pool and ends up grinding along on the stone coping probably damaging the soft roller brushes. It also gets hung up on our built in steps in the shallow end and also the deep end (which are covered with the vinyl liner) and end up grinding on the liner until it reverses direction or I grab it and throw it back into the pool. Since I figure I don't need the walls cleaned (at least not by a vacuum robot), is there a robot that works the same way in that it's powered by one power cord and has a cleanable filter media, but just cleans the floor, and doesn't crawl up the side of the pool?


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Jun 4, 2007
Putnam County, NY
I have the same question.

I have an in-ground 15x30 painted cement pool with 6-foot deep end, but really don't need the wall cleaning feature. Due to my water flow, the dirt is almost always concentrated in a 3x5 foot area near the deep end. I follow the BBB method religiously, so algae isn't a problem. I am just looking for a bot that will roam around and clean the blown in stuff off the bottom.

In my scenario, couldn't I just use one of the much cheaper above-ground units like the Pool Rover?