pool cleaner stuck running backwards


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Feb 2, 2014
Houston TX
I have a Pentair Racer that's a little over a year old

No problems until today when I noticed the cleaner is stuck running backwards

Normally the wheels propel it forward for several minutes then for about 60seconds it will lift itself
with the nozzles and float backwards then resume spinning the wheels forward and crawl along the bottom of the pool
again for several minutes and the cycle repeats

I know the Racer isn't as common as a polaris 280 or 380 but do these pressure side cleaners function that different from one another ?

Any ideas would be appreciated !!!

I could post video later


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Sep 22, 2014
Do you remember what your pool technician did to fix the problem with the cleaner stuck in reverse? I have the same cleaner and it's less than a year old and is having this problem. My technician is coming out in few days, but I'm curious what solved your problem? I've had 3-4 problems with this pool cleaner in 9 months and i'm worried about it after the warrant is up.



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Oct 21, 2015
From the little bit that I have learned and experienced, these pressure cleaners have a mechanical water driven timer that activates the reversing water flow. Make sure that your filter screen for the cleaner is intact. You may have a piece of sand or other debris present that has jammed up the works.

My unit has a filter screen in the supply hose where it connects to the side of the pool.
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