Pool Cleaner Recommendation


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May 26, 2007
I have a 35k IG vinyl lined pool. The pool is over 50 years old and somewhat unique. It is 20X40 with vertical walls and a continuous slope from 3.8-7.8 feet deep. Also, it doesn't have a floor drain. I currently have a Legend Platinum Pro which isn't performing very well. It doesn't climb the wall (I think because there is very little radius in the transition, basically a 90 degree angle) and stays stuck running against the wall in the deep end corners most of the time. Occasionally, when it frees itself it will traverse the pool but then angles back to the deep end and stays there. Is there a recommendation to make this unit perform better or is there an alternative that works better. The unit is 1 year old and initially did climb the walls for about the 1st week and then I think the treads wore smooth enough that it couldn't anymore. I have a dedicated booster pump and line installed. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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This is my experience.

I had the Polaris 280 some years ago, and thought it was a good unit.
I had the Hayward Phantom for a couple years, and hated it.
Now I have the AquaBot T2 and I love it. It is a robotic cleaner that runs directly off AC, and does not use a booster pump. Most robotic cleaners are somewhat more expensive. Users here will also give good review on the Blue Diamond/Pearl.

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