pool cleaner not moving then dirt spewing out


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Jun 18, 2020
everything worked fine til Sunday when we returned from vacation. We have the 4 WHEEL POOL CLEANER.. It worked great til Sunday. Its Wednesday and just now when i hit "quick clean", dirt comes pouring out the jets from the pool wall , literally dirt. It didn't do that this morning when I tried to get the pool cleaner to work/run but just now. My wife witnessed it. I have no idea here. Please help.



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
What model filter do you have?

What is your filter pressure when you crank your pump up with quick clean?

When did you last backwash the filter?


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Oct 31, 2010
Deep South
Sounds like a dirty filter since material is coming out from the pipes after the filter & pump

We just replaced one Poolvergnuegen with a Dolphin Warrior SE robot. Now the IntelliFlow VF can concentrate on just being a smart variable speed system (it is programmed with Features Overrride set 1 minute apart from Filter Start/Stop times to run at less than 100 watts power) and the media filter remains apparently clean since the robot now catches debris.