Pool cleaner no suction


Nov 24, 2010
Hi, just bought a new Hammerhead cleaner, a new Onga Pump for our 60k lt Salt pool, concrete
When I hook the cleaner up there is no suction, it just vibrates a little, when I turn the multi port valve to recirculate it goes fantastic, getting hot here in Perth Australia and want it all going properly, hence the new cleaner, thought the old one had had it, cpl of months back had to replace the pump, when the season is over will replace the sand and check it as well
The filter bowl has air a lot of the time as well
Any help will be appreciated
All the best for Christmas One and all


Nov 24, 2010
Hope this is not a double post, couldn't find my thread
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Anyway, got a new Onga pump ( 1 month) a brand new Hammerhead pool cleaner
Pool is salt, concrete and 60k lts
When I hook the cleaner up there is no suction to make it run, when on recirculation it goes like a champion.
Is it an air issue somewhere?, being a new pump it can't be that:confused:, thought it was my old cleaner and got the new Onga Hammerhead, and thought hallelujah, and duh, no luck
Any clues? Summer is starting to warm up here
Thanks in advance
Perth Western Australia


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The filter bowl has air a lot of the time as well
That's a leak on the suction side of your system. There is an article in Pool School that may help you find it.

I can't help with the cleaner.


Nov 24, 2010
Thanks, may have to replace the plumbing side at the pump suction line and make a new section, hopefully that world


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Nov 27, 2014
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Check your "O" ring on the pump filter basket. You may have to lubricate it with silicone grease or vaseline to get a good seal
I had exactly the same problem with a new Onga pump it circulates OK but when you put an extra load via the vacuum it sucks in air
Try this before replacing anything